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Pharmacy Collect - COVID-19 Test


Pharmacy Collect - COVID-19 Test

Pharmacy Collect - COVID-19 Test

The Pharmacy Collect service works alongside the NHS Test and Trace Service. It is for people that have no COVID-19 symptoms and enables you to self-administer the test away from test centres and the pharmacy e.g., at the comfort of your own home.

The test kits are free of charge, so you can undertake regular testing as part of the Government’s COVID-19 roadmap plan. The most common circumstances that will prompt regular tests are:

  • They are a child at school or are in a bubble with school children;
  • They work at a school or are in a bubble with school staff;
  • They have to leave the house for work;
  • Their local council has advised them to test; or
  • Their GP or another healthcare professional has advised them to test.

The pharmacy is not involved in the generation of test results, supporting the reporting of results or the next steps for the person taking the test.

Each box (for an individual person) contains seven test kits. It allows you to test twice weekly over three weeks, with an additional test kit just in case there is a void test.